Collection: INDO

The story behind the INDO scooter goes like this... One day back in 2018 Aleksi was bored. It was winter in Helsinki, and it was too dark and cold to ride his scooter outside. Scooters weren’t for inside the house his parents said.
But Aleksi wanted to try a Bri flip that his friend had just learnt. It was all he could think about. He just had to try that trick. Then Aleksi had an idea. Surely a cardboard scooter would be OK inside?

No need for wheels, just a board and handlebar. The trick scooter was born. Soon Aleksi’s appetite for tricks was greater than his cardboard scooter could handle. Then he remembered his Uncle Vesa had a job designing products. Together they made a scooter and called it INDO The Trick Scooter, because it was epic for doing tricks.

Then one day...they took the INDO onto the trampoline. That’s when things got really wild.
The INDO scooter is designed and made for one thing: doing tricks. This is not a toy. It’s high-quality tricking equipment. It can be used inside, outside on the street, in skate parks, and it’s really really rad on a trampoline. The board is made from durable and flexible material that gives you maximum bounce and a soft landing. The handlebar is made from super lightweight aluminium that gives you precision and control when you’re grabbing air.