Collection: MADD Gear

Established in Melbourne, Australia 2002 'Madd Gear – MGP Action Sports' was inspired by the vision of bringing Australia’s outdoor culture to the world. With a focus on wheeled goods Madd Gear was, and still is, instrumental in developing the “Pro Scooter” category which has since evolved into a multi-million-dollar industry. Madd Gear has always been at the forefront of bringing design, quality and affordability to everyday kids. “This has been our focus from the outset and will always be an integral part of our DNA”. Our portfolio of product extends from users aged 18 months, to as old as you feel, but every product is designed and built with the same passion and attention to detail. From scooters, skateboards, drift trikes, roller skates, pogo's, grind rails, to helmets - Madd Gear has you covered for all things action!

With dedicated Madd Gear Sales and Technical Offices in Australia, England, Germany, Canada, United States, China and NEW ZEALAND, Madd Gear has shipped into more than 80 Countries globally.

Our offices are part of our extended family and share our vision and embody the same culture and values. We have the ability to be meaningful in the life of so many kids by encouraging them to get outside, dream and be active.